Hondos (Fredericksburg) with Ileana Nina, Violin
7:00 PM19:00

Hondos (Fredericksburg) with Ileana Nina, Violin

Always a fun time at this Fredericksburg institution named after the founder of Luckenbach. Outdoor performance, weather permitting. We dig deep into Western swing and throw in a lot of Spanish repertoire.

Ileana Nina, original from Cologne, Germany, is a diligent student of Western swing and Texas fiddle music with an enchanting voice. Happy to share the stage with her on this night!!

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Nomadx ATX 2019 Festival at Empire Control Room (w/ Megan Berson)
5:30 PM17:30

Nomadx ATX 2019 Festival at Empire Control Room (w/ Megan Berson)

Austin home of BBQ, The Texas Capitol, keeping it "weird" and now NomadX! Austin is the perfect city for Nomadx's 14th global event.
2 days celebrating entrepreneurship in: Art, Architecture, Content, Design, Gastronomy, Literature, Marketing, Music, and Programming.

Multi Venue Event. Empire Garage+Control Room, Capital Factory (Multiple Spaces). One ticket grants access to all experiences.

CONCERTS - Diverse music series with a local-centric approach
The Octopus Project
The O' My's
Magafauna (Album Release)
Kalu and Electric Joint
Marfa Crush
The Human Circuit
Tropical Panama
Dromedarios Magicos w/ Joe Trouble
Lesly Reynaga
Bourgeois Mystics
Curse Mackey (DJ Set)
Kev Bev
Anthony Garcia
Jonny Burke
Como las Movies
and SURPRISE guests.

CONFERENCES - Inspiring moments with awesome individuals.
Rodney Mullen (Skateboarding Legend)
Danny Zuker ( 5-time Emmy Winner, Writer/Producer "Modern Family")
Jay de La Cueva (Musician/Producer, creator of Molotov, Fobia, Moderatto, Titan, Mexrrissey...)
Doug Ellin (Producer/Writer "Entourage')
Joe Trouble (Youtuber/Influencer, Musician)
Daniel Osuna (Founder NomadX Foundation & Oz Branding)
Hakunita (Tattoo, Illustrator)
+5 more.

PANELS - Tantalizing discussions around creative products, the industry, community, ethics, financials, and tools.
10 Panels with regional, national, and international creatives in all 9 areas. (Experience Design, Monetizing Social Content, Photography, Marketing, Music Promotion, Craft Beer, and much more.)
Panels and panelists TBA

LIVE WORKSHOPS+ACTIVITIES - Live Workshops are opportunities to get up close and personal with regional creative companies that are successfully creating products formally.
Video Game Programming
Music Production
Content (Film) Editing
Comic Book Illustration
and much much more.



WELLNESS ACTIVITIES (4 hrs per day in participation with Austin Wellness Collaborative)


All ages welcome.

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Peter and Erl's, Giessen Germany (w/ Al Stone)
9:00 PM21:00

Peter and Erl's, Giessen Germany (w/ Al Stone)


Anthony Garcia ist Songwriter, Gitarrist, klassisch ausgebildeter Pianist und Sänger, aufgewachsen in Lubbock, TX. Er wohnt in Austin, der Hauptstadt von Texas, und bezieht aus dem Leben in dieser Stadt die Inspirationen, die seiner Musik ihre Stimmung und ihre Bandbreite verleihen.
Auf seiner Solo „Live and Acoustic“ Konzert Tour durch Deutschland macht er Halt in diversen Großstädten und eben auch in Gießen, an das er sich erinnerte, weil er in den 90er Jahren ein studentisches Austauschjahr hier verbrachte.
Garcias Musik mischt verschiedene Einflüsse, etwa Texte und Melodien in der Art eines Townes Van Zandt oder Leonard Cohen und virtuoses Gitarrenspiel, wie man es von Led Zeppelin oder Jimi Hendrix kennt. Anthony Garcias Musik wurde als eine Mariachiversion der Queens of the Stone Age beschrieben oder wie etwas aus einem Roman des amerikanischen Southern-Gothic-Autors Cormac McCarthy. Songs, die Soundtrack zu einem Actionfilm von Robert Rodriguez sein könnten.
Er ist klassisch ausgebildeter Pianist, Liebhaber von Rock, Blues und spanischer Gitarre und ein Fan gefühlvollen Gesangs.
Garcia wuchs auf in Texas und in Irland. All die musikalischen Einflüsse dieser Gegenden sorgten für das große Repertoire und sein immenses Wissen über Musik und verschiedene Stile.
Die musikalische Qualität und die sorgfältige Auswahl der Lieder fesseln das Publikum und lassen es nach mehr verlangen.

More Info here:

oder hier bei Facebook:

Support von Anthony Garcia an diesem Abend:

Seattle meets Nashville!
Al Stone, Singer- Songwriterin aus Gießen, ist mit Band aber auch als Solokünstlerin mit ihrer Akustik Gitarre unterwegs und spielt Songs, die stilistisch im Bereich „Dark Alternative Country Rock“ eingeordnet werden können. Präsentiert werden eingängige Stücke, die eigene Erlebnisse authentisch, mit ihren wunderbaren aber auch holprigen und dunklen Momenten, beschreiben!
Ehrlich, unverblümt und immer optimistisch, mit der Seele des Rock ´n Roll und einer Stimme, die rau und kraftvoll ist aber auch sanft sein kann, wie das Leben!
Ende 2019 wird ihr Debut Album „Dark Country“ erscheinen.


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Direct Support House Concert Series - Fundraiser Germany 2019 Tour
5:00 PM17:00

Direct Support House Concert Series - Fundraiser Germany 2019 Tour


Anthony Garcia (Anthony Garcia Music) is a well-kept secret around Austin … for now. If you’ve been paying close attention, you’ve seen him accompanying Kate Howard or playing an occasional solo gig at The Townsend. He’s a songwriter, guitarist, classically trained pianist and vocalist born in Lubbock, where he draws inspiration for the mood and vastness of his music. He describes his style as “cinematic Americana,” a genre that interweaves songwriting with expanding, quasi-orchestral sections.

Here’s a taste: “Santa Rosa” (original) - https://youtu.be/pGt4WNILFkc

Garcia’s music mixes a range of influences: guitar solos reaching back to the guitar hero tradition of Zeppelin and Hendrix; lyrics and songs that pay homage to Townes Van Zandt and Leonard Cohen; and haunting violin inspired by J. S. Bach.

A sound like this has to roam, so it should be no surprise that Anthony is scheduled for a month of shows in Germany this summer. Our Direct Support House Concert will help with his tour expenses (and remind him that he’s appreciated here at home).


* If we can count on you to be here, RSVP to dshouseconcerts@gmail.com. Be sure to include the artist’s name in your email, along with the number of people you’re RSVPing for. You will receive the venue address when you RSVP.

* Send $20 per attendee in advance directly to the artist via the Venmo app (@nthonymusic) or through PayPal at www.paypal.com/anthonygarciamusic. You can opt to pay at the door, electronically or with cash, but space is limited, so only those who prepay are guaranteed admittance.
Your payment is transferable but not refundable.

* If you can’t attend but want to send support anyway, by all means, please do.

Doors: 5:00pm
Music starts: 7:00pm
Event ends: 8:30pm


In live music, "direct support" refers to the artist or band that performs just before the headliner. The direct support act is entrusted with helping to promote the show and bring as many people as possible in cooperation with the headliner. When we gather for a concert in our living room or around the stage out back, we are serving as direct support for an independent musician working to make a living with his or her art.

Each attendee here pays at least $20 directly to the performer. We also spread the word about each event and invite friends we believe will enjoy this artist or simply enjoy being of support. Those of us who consider ourselves true patrons of indie artists recognize this as a clear and simple opportunity to exercise one of our core values.

Your ticket fee, paid directly to the artist, grants you access to a unique, up-close-and-personal performance that creates an artist-listener connection rarely experienced in a club or concert hall.

This is a private, RSVP-required, paid performance for an artist we respect and want to support. Our top priority is to create a respectful listening environment with an audience of people who have all committed to put their money where their mouths are as patrons of independent music.

It’s also a social event. Not a big ol’ party … more like an ease-filled transition from the work week to the weekend. We schedule our concerts on Fridays for this reason, and also to avoid conflicts with other established series like Black Fret and Wyldwood Shows on Saturdays and Rawhide Trail House Concerts on Sundays. (We might sometimes choose another day of the week, but Friday is the plan.)

Music starts at 7:00pm, but you’re welcome to roll in any time from 5:00pm on. It’s Friday … pace yourself through the work day to save energy for the evening, then come straight here and ease into your weekend with the best type of feel-good gathering: a house concert!

Friends and friends of friends. This is **not** a public show. I (Deb) am particular, to put it mildly, about home security and it took a lot for me even to publish our home address, let alone plan on inviting groups of people here regularly. But, to paraphrase Ambrose Redmoon, some things are more important than fear, and being of direct support to independent artists is one of those things for me.

Please, no pets or children. We have dogs (allergy FYI) and more than them would be too many. And this really isn’t a kid type of event. It’s a listening environment, so the audience remains still and silent while the artist plays, and that’s too much to ask of young’uns.

* A reliable RSVP. If you say you’re coming, show up, and if a conflict arises, call or text to cancel. Don’t just no-show. Space will be limited and there might sometimes be a waiting list, so we need to be able to count on the accuracy of the night’s attendee list.
* Payment of at least $20 per attendee to the artist. We will give you the artist’s payment links in advance so you can send money ahead. You can also pay the night of the event, electronically or in cash. Remember Priority #1 above … payment is required, and 100% of it goes to the artist.
* Know where to be if you want to talk while the performance is happening. If the show is inside, go outside or into the attached garage. If the show is outside, go through the gate to the side of the house. We get it that sometimes you want to visit or need to take a call … totally fine, just do it in the right place.

* Bring your own beverages if you want something other than water or iced tea.
* Bring some potluck snacks. We’re simple … a bag of tortilla chips and jar of salsa from the gas station is great. ;) If you’re coming straight from work and don’t have time to stop, no worries.
* Bring a camp chair or blanket for outdoor shows (or feel free to stand in the back, as some folks prefer).
* Support the artist even more by buying merch or tipping in addition to your $20 ticket.

The venue is our home in Pflugerville, near Wells Branch and Dessau. You'll receive the exact address when you RSVP. Parking is on the streets of the neighborhood. Please be courteous and don't get us in trouble with our neighbors. ;)

* The space, stage, and sound system.
* Various seating (chairs, stools, ottomans, cushions) for indoor shows.
* For outdoor shows, we’ll spray the yard for mosquitoes and turn on the pretty lights.

Direct Support House Concerts is presented by me, Debbie Stanley, and my husband, Steve Connor. When we moved to Austin from Detroit in 2012, many of the first new friends we made here were local musicians, so we immersed ourselves in the live music scene pretty quickly. My client roster filled up with musicians and music industry companies, I joined Black Fret in 2015, and I published my book The Organized Musician in 2016, so now both my social life and my work life revolve around supporting independent musicians. In 2018, Steve and I bought a house that already had a stage in the back yard, so … put all of that together and Direct Support House Concerts was obviously, inevitably meant to be.

Welcome to our world: pay the band, buy the merch, dig the music. :)

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Buffalo Nickel in Midland, Tx w/ Terri Lynn Davis
7:00 PM19:00

Buffalo Nickel in Midland, Tx w/ Terri Lynn Davis

Sharing the stage in Midland with Portland, OR songwriter, Terri Lynn Davis. Ya’ll come out!!!


Terri Lynn Davis was proud to release “Hey Love, Hold On” in March of 2016 and Chasing Parked Cars in February 2019. After being on a national tour for a majority of the year, she will be returning to the 4 Corners area. You will hear the influence and ghosts of the classic country era of artists like, Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Bob Wills, and Merle Haggard. Common lyrical themes resonate throughout; love and celebration, loss and heartache, with at least one or more bottles as empty or full, referenced to represent both. For Terri Lynn, however, the completed effort resonates much deeper and represents the values that brought us here…… family, friendship, trust, loyalty, hard work and compassion.

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Peggy's Porch Party House Concert Series
6:00 PM18:00

Peggy's Porch Party House Concert Series

  • 2602 De Soto Drive Austin, TX, 78733 United States (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Peggy's Porch Party is super excited for Anthony Garcia & Megan Berson and The Sanco Loop to entertain us! You will not want to miss!! We will provide appetizers, Shiner Beer and a specialty Tito's drink. Please bring a stadium chair or blanket and your favorite beverage. $20 minimum per person.
Please RSVP here. You can purchase tickets in advance or at the door through VENMO @Peggy-Hanna-2. Cash and checks also accepted. Proceeds will benefit Transient Mic, an amazing/creative non-profit supporting our local musicians.


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Saxon Pub (w/ Megan Berson)
10:00 PM22:00

Saxon Pub (w/ Megan Berson)

A night of original Music on:
Wednesday March 20

This will be our second time here at the Saxon. The first night was a wonderful show and the sound at the Saxon is wonderful! Can't wait to hit this stage again there! $5 Cover gets you in the door and a Christmas Card come December.

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