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Here are some biographical materials you can cut-and-paste into your promotional materials

Bio (Original shows/house concerts

Anthony Garcia is a songwriter, guitarist, classically trained pianist and vocalist. Currently based in Austin, Tx., Garcia’s hometown is Lubbock, Tx., where he draws inspiration for the mood and vastness of his music. His style is cinematic Americana, a genre that interweaves songwriting with expanding, quasi orchestral sections. Garcia’s music mixes a range of influences: guitar solos reaching back to the guitar hero tradition of Zeppelin and Hendrix; lyrics and songs that pay homage to Townes Van Zandt and Leonard Cohen; and haunting violin inspired by J.S. Bach. Garcia’s music has been described as “mariachiesque Queens of the Stone Age”; ˜like something out of a Cormac McCarthy Novel”; songs that seem like they’re the ˜missing tracks from a Robert Rodriguez soundtrack”; and in Paris, France as “Americana Hypnotique”. Garcia has toured several times over the past few years in France, Germany, Ireland, and most recently Switzerland, and when stateside, divides his time between Austin and West Texas, expanding dates into New Mexico and occasionally Colorado. 

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Bio (Cover shows/other events)

Anthony Garcia is a guitarist, pianist and vocalist originally from Lubbock, Tx., currently based in Austin. Versatility is the best word to describe Garcia’s live performances, switching between genres within a set, and sometimes switching between instruments within a single song. Garcia’s upbringing in Texas and travels throughout the world have exposed him to a variety of cultures and music that have contributed to his vast repertoire and knowledge of musical styles. Garcia plays regularly in Austin and the surrounding Texas Hill Country, and expands his route occasionally into West Texas, Dallas/Fort Worth, New Mexico and even Colorado. He has also toured and continues to tour in Germany, France, Ireland, and most recently, Switzerland. A four year stint in South Korea as an English teacher allowed Garcia to travel and perform in East and South East Asia as well. A classically trained pianist, lover of rock, blues and Spanish guitar, and fan of soulful vocals, Garcia’s musicianship and thoughtful song choice always keeps the audience engaged and wanting more. 

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